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Bizkonnect UK,
Trade Mission To
South East Nigeria.


Nnewi Chamber of Commerce,
Industry, Mines and Agriculture

Organizes a Front-line Private/ Public Sector Business Consolidation Seminar.
Date of Seminar:14 of May 2014
Time: 9am – 3pm
Venue:CONV-AG event Centre Metu Uzodike Avenue, Otolo Nnewi, Anambra State
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Igoche Ikwue CEO Bizkonnect


I am grateful to lead this trade mission to South-East Nigeria.We would play a great role in economical growth, through the seminar “Exposing African Businesses to Global Opportunities” which we are facilitating in partnership with the Nnewi Chamber of Commerce Anambra State to foster inter business relations between British Exporters and the business stakeholders in the South-East Nigeria;which comprises the largest business States in Africa. In all aspects of international trade, we look forward to giving our unflinching support to companies in achieving their goals.



Bizkonnect has done in depth research on business in Africa in terms of management, capital and technicalities. A lot of lapses were discovered in these areas. Thus the need to sensitize and equip such business stakeholders in those key areas required to adopted for any business to achieve optimum desired result.


“Exposing African Businesses to Global Opportunities”


To build a sustainable business connection focused on enhancing an enduring foreign cross-breed of ideas in the public/private sector businesses the South East Of Nigeria


To reposition the South East Of Nigeria business for UK business appeal.

Create strong partnership link between local businesses and foreign conglomerates.

Build local business market that would increasingly attract interest for British companies.

Create enduring platform for sustainable access to intervention strategies.

Encourage private sector businesses in South East Of Nigeria in all aspect of international trade and Investment.

Strategic Direction

Entrench global business dynamics in the economic operation of the South East Of Nigeria Private Sector Businesses for the sole aim of global market attraction

Economic Impact

Increased revenue

Harness of Trade and Investment opportunities

Build foreign capital base.

We have done in depth research on the market capitalization of the private sector businesses in Nnewi and we can assertively say Nnewi houses one of the largest markets in Africa and records a market capitalization of over £2 billion.

Since our main objective of this mission is to create strong partnership links between local businesses in the south east Nigeria and the UK conglomerates, it is therefore expedient to seek your attendance to this event. The event promises to create an enduring platform to harness trade and investment opportunities between the UK and Nigeria.

The seminar would gather eminent speakers and scholars engaged in business management and are experts on their various field.



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